Public Cervix Announce­ment

Branding, Direction, Social, Web

It’s not easy to create public communications about a very personal topic, but Hologic challenged us to help them promote women’s cervical health, and we didn’t hesitate.

The “Public Cervix Announcement” campaign presents a bold vision of female empowerment and body positivity with a tone unlike anything else in the space. As intended, it got women thinking, speaking, and most importantly, acting differently when it comes to their cervical health.

Healthy AF

The campaign was born out of the internet slang term “af”, short for “as fuck”, like in “it’s hot af outside”. It’s used to say that something is to a great extent or degree — and we believe that to be female is to be strong, to be smart, and to be healthy. So, we co-opted the phrase to add another meaning: “as female”.

The campaign visuals feature dramatic, intimate portraits of different women speaking to why they are “healthy as female”. I art directed the production of the videos, as well as the still photographs and cinemagraphs used in the other tactics below.


emoji_events Award-Winning WorkThe Public Cervix Announcement videos won two Silver Telly Awards.

A shared message

For social, we took to Instagram and Facebook, the two most-visited platforms based on the demographic. We overlaid bold text onto the photographs and videos to amplify the powerful message — keeping it simple. Through Instagram stories we were able to tell a little bit more about each experience, to keep things relatable.

Schedule your screen(ing) time

All the tactics pointed to a landing page where visitors could learn more about their cervical and sexual health with facts and screening guidelines, find a local healthcare provider, sign up for email reminders to schedule an appointment, and choose an image/message to share on social media that best represents their views regarding caring about their cervical and sexual health.