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Large Hi-Low MPS Now Available

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Sitter Strapping

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Hi-Low Seating System (MPS)

Height Adjustable Seating with Built-in Growth

NEW... More Seat Cushion Choices, including Early Intervention Sizes!

  1. Affordable Customized Seating
  2. Tilt-in-Space with Child in Seat
  3. Floor to Table Adjustment
  4. Contoured Cushion Support
  5. Tool Free Adjustments
  6. Ergo Harness Design
  7. Soft-Touch® Material


-30° to 10° range of tilt-in-space.

30° Hip-Flex adjustment.

Optional adjustable tray.

Customize your size.


Multi-Positioning Seat (MPS)

Versatile Seating with Built-in Growth

NEW... Early Intervention cushions for children as early as 9 months!

  1. Adjustable 5-point harness
  2. Hip-Flex® Seat Cushion
  3. Height adjustable Trunk & Head Cushions
  4. Customize your cushion size


Optional adjustable tray.

30° Hip-Flex adjustment.

10° to 25° range of tilt-in-space.

Multiple applications.


Use the Special Tomato® MPS system everywhere!

At home, secures to most chairs by using attachment straps
On the school bus, transport the Special Tomato® in Push Chair
At school, secure the Special Tomato® in a classroom chair, or use it with the Mobile Base as your all-in-one classroom chair
In cars, use the crash-tested seat with LATCH & Tether system
In an airplane, both sizes approved by FAA for air travel for seats purchased after April 1,2006

Car Seat (MPS)

  1. FMVSS213 compliant
  2. LATCH System
  3. FAA approved for aircraft travel if seat purchased after April 1, 2006
Approved for:


Optional Lateral Headrest.

15° Hip-Flex adjustment.

Customize your cushion size.

Car Seat installed.


Soft-Touch® Sitters

Supportive, Stylish Seating

  1. Three base styles to fit your needs
  2. 5 sizes to fit any child
  3. Sitters can be used in a variety of applications


Design provides up to 25° of tilt.

Adjustable 5-point harness.

Contoured head & lateral support.

Optional Headrest.


Height Right™ Chair

Simple Support that Grows

  1. Designed to grow with your child from 6 months up to 250lbs, with depth and height adjustable seat plate and foot plate
  2. NEW Early Pelvic Positioner offers contoured support starting from 6 months


3-point Pelvic Belt included.

Optional seat and back cushions.

Optional Footcups.

Early Pelvic Positioner.


Soft-Touch® Liners

Upgrade Your Strollers with Portable Positioning

  1. Soft contoured seat cushion
  2. Built in abductor
  3. Includes lap and attachment strap
  4. Three colors to choose from


Use in the EIO Push Chair or Jogger.

Lightweight and portable.

Customize your size.


Soft-Touch® Booster Seats

Rise to Independence

  1. 3-Point Safety Belt
  2. Provides height and pelvic stability
  3. Sacral and lateral thigh support


Choice of three colors.

Lightweight and portable.


Portable Potty Seat

Convenient Comfort

  1. Soft, comfortable support
  2. Elongated or Round Potty Seat
  3. Plastic lined carry bag included

Soft-Touch® Therapy Rolls & Wedges

Comfortable Therapeutic Support

  1. Great for postural therapy, balance, flexion and extension, neurodevelopment and muscle tone control
  2. Stand-On-End™ Design for security and stability when not in use
  3. Ideal for adaptive positioning, balance, and muscle tone control
  4. Integrated Soft-Touch® handle for easy carrying


EIO Push Chair

Affordable Chair & Positioning

  1. Designed for children from early intervention to pre-adolescent ages
  2. Easy to fold and transport
  3. Lightweight aluminum frame
  4. Calf panel & seat back lay your child flat


Size 1 & 2 Liners attach to stroller.

Size 1 & 2 Sitters attach to stroller.

Adjustable seat back & foot well.

Optional Rain Cover.



Supportive Style On-the-Go

  1. Designed for parents and families who want to take long strolls through the city or through rough trails
  2. Easy to fold and transport
  3. Lightweight aluminum frame


Size 1 & 2 Liners attach to stroller.

Size 1 & 2 Sitters attach to stroller.

One-step compact folding design.

Optional Rain Cover.


Products that support your child.

Special Tomato® offers superior products for children with special needs. Unmatched comfort and support make Special Tomato® the right choice for your child. Our incredible Customer Service Team is here to answer any questions about Special Tomato®!

Choose Special Tomato® for your child today!

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